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Sustainability is something we are now all a lot more aware of and most of us try to do our bit in oneway or another and we at Williams are no different, our core business of re-upholstery is a much greener and more sustainable way of updating your home decor.

We reuse as much as we can when refurbishing your furniture and even in some cases where furniture does have be to stripped back to the frame it saves on wood and machinery needed to make a new one.

Does it cost more than a new piece of furniture? In some case it does but in the long term that piece that is already 50, 60 a 100 years old will be fit for decades more use not just a few years unlike a lot of mass produced furniture. This mass produced furniture is carbon heavy when it comes to manufacture too and might of travelled thousands of miles across sea and road to get to the Uk, I find it strange we want to know where our sausages come from but not our big heavy bulky items. Low quality leather faced recliners are a particular bug bear of mine as too many are poorly manufactured and will only last a few years, not all admittedly but still to many I feel.

Change, a lot of our business is changing for the better, we now use Coconut fibre as a replacement for "tail & mane" , fabric houses , Linwood in particular are developing greener flame retardancy, glues are becoming safer for the user and environment and recycled fibre is a viable alternative to foam, we are trying !

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