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Kilims were traditionally a woven rug but nowadays the design is used in interior design on fabrics and is a great way to bring a colour palette together.

The origins of Kilim can be traced to North Africa, the Middle East & China and Kilims have been found that date back as far as the fifth century.

The term "kilim" is thought to of originated in Persia and means "to spread roughly", their construction is not as durable as piled rugs produced at the same time so unfortunately not many of the early examples have survived.

The Design, this is where the story of Kilim really comes to life as the design is not just a collection of geometric shapes in nice colours but in fact a way to express the desire for protection or fertility, have a look at a piece of Kilim and see if you can spot the symbol of a female figure (fertility), a wolf (protection for your flock), an evil eye (your families safety) or a scorpion (to avoid its sting). There are many more of these stylised motifs and I find it fascinating that these motifs were traditionally woven into the rug as a way of creating a very meaningful and personal design that is also attractive to the eye, an accomplishment that we'd be proud of today.

Here we have an example of the Wolves mouth

A great way to use Kilim Fabrics is either on a footstool or as pictured on scatter cushions.

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