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Repair Re-use & Re-cycle. Part 2

The second in our series about sustainability this blog is about value for money and ways to save money as well as highlighting a new fabric range.

Nowadays everyone knows that they should re-cycle and act in a more sustainable way but not everyone knows just how easily it can be done, that's where we can help.

A few recent projects that we have undertaken happened to be dining chair seats, a very simple and low cost way of bringing in new colours to your kitchen or dining room, replacing the tired worn out foam or gravy stained covers AND for less than replacing the whole set of chairs, it also has a significantly smaller carbon footprint and drastically reduces the amount that goes to landfill. No new frames made in China or Europe, No shipping and transportation, No needlessly thrown away chairs !

Fabrics now play their own part in sustainability too, we now carry fabrics like the Aqua Clean range from Ross which itself is made from 75% recycled yarn and can be recycled with no reduction in quality, in fact it exceed the domestic rub test, its inherently fire retarded which helped it gain Standard 100 recognition, an award given to products that are "harmless to health" and as the name would suggest its easily cleaned by using water, no need for nasty chemicals. Its PFC free too and has virus & bacteria protection meaning that viral activity is reduced when attached to this fabric.

Reducing energy waste. In our homes, especially older homes a lot of the carbon heavy heat that we pay for disappears out of windows or is carried away by draughts, up to 25% in fact. Interlining, thermal lining or blackout lined curtains are a great way to help reduce these losses and and its one of the few energy saving methods that is a beautiful addition to your home and will last for many many years and as we source fabrics from within the UK to make your sustainability targets easier to reach it really couldn't be any more simple.

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Patience Moore
Patience Moore
Feb 01

Its great that you are adding more sustainable fabrics to your collections. People are all too keen these days to just throw away and buy new cheap products, this is why purchasing quality products initially then you can keep them for a life time and simply up date and revamp as and when needed through upholstery etc. is a far more sustainable way of living!

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